Bernie D. Kastner, Ph.D.

Individual and Family Counseling

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About Me


I completed my undergraduate studies at Yeshiva University and graduate studies at Columbia University in New York.  My post-graduate work was done at Heed University where I received a doctorate in Counseling Psychology.

Having developed a preference toward helping people in the here and now with an eye toward the future, I supplemented my formal training by becoming certified as a Reality Therapist from The William Glasser Institute.

In addition I studied Graphology at The New School for Social Research and shortly thereafter became certified as a handwriting expert.  I am a member of the professional graphological societies both in the U.S. and in Israel since 1990 and 1995 respectively. Over the years, it has become a very useful tool for me toward providing insightful counseling and guidance to my clients in virtually every facet of their lives.


I also served as the Administrator of the Department of Psychiatry at The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York from 1983-1988.  I am a published author of 5 books entitled Understanding the Afterlife in This Life,  Journey to the Light (Hebrew), The Next World (Hebrew), Back to the Afterlife and Out of My League. Soon to be released is 100 Essays on the Afterlife, expounding on the journey our soul takes as it travels from the afterlife to this life and back.

In my private practice, I treat teens and adults.  I take an eclectic approach to a presenting issue and will fine-tune it to your specific needs.   We may meet in person in my office, speak by phone, take a walk in the park, shoot some hoops on the basketball court, or take in an inspirational view from a mountain-top.  All venues are open - subject to your comfort level of course.  Well, on second thought, maybe not all venues – please don’t ask to meet on a roller-coaster ride or at bungee-jumping.


You will be the beneficiary of a varied set of counseling methods available which will be used to fit your presenting issue.   Included are reality therapy, NLP, psychodynamic, spirituality, coaching, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I look forward to working together with you.

Helping you take
charge of your life

Israel:    02-587-0021

U.S.:  1-718-710-4776

e-mail  or Skype

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