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Back To The Afterlife

Uncovering the Mysteries of What Happens to Us Next

 Back to the Afterlife
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The Next World

A compilation of kabbalistic sources on the journey of the soul in the afterlife combined with real-life stories of those who had a near-death experience

 Masa El HaOr
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Masa El HaOr

A story of hope and inspiration through the eyes of a 9-year old coping with a serious illness.

 Masa El HaOr
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Understanding the Afterlife in This Life

The basic premise of this eye-opening book is that we need to study the afterlife as early as possible and not wait until one reaches their golden years or becomes seriously ill.

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It is easy to go through the motions of our days, weeks, months and years and not ask ourselves "What is it that God wants from me"?

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