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Ever since our 19-year old son passed away from an illness in 2003, I have had a keen interest in researching the journey we take in the afterlife.  One of my objectives in this life is to share that information with others as it has shown to bring a tremendous amount of comfort and healing to those who lost a loved one or are struggling with their own fears about what happens to us next.

Having personally gone through this experience, I feel that I can bring to the table a certain attitude and level of understanding that will have increased credibility as you are encouraged to move along the spectrum toward living a more spiritual and meaningful life in the aftermath.



If you are a teen reading this, I am sure you will agree that being a teenager is perhaps the most confusing period in your life so far.  In the face of hormones flying in many directions, it is an especially challenging time in the development of your identity and in your social standing.  Career issues may also arise at this time and choices are to be made with respect to a path of study.    The #1 thing you, as a teen, desire to have (and can’t seem to get enough of it, right?) is independence.  

And if you are a parent reading this, how do you “let go” and at the same time maintain responsibility and control?  This is one of the key aspects toward navigating the issues facing your child.



In the classroom we are not taught how to develop intact and intimate relationships towards marriage or how to be parents.  We sort of do it by the seat of our pants.  And that’s exactly where the problem begins.   Religious observance, culture, social and financial status, combined with one’s own unique personality all contribute to the uphill climb it takes to find the right match.  Counseling sessions before walking down the aisle are essential.  And here is where a handwriting analysis can provide powerful information that will help you and your partner make a more intelligent decision about your joint futures.  For more information on this, see the Graphology section.

career guidence  


What a great segue from the previous paragraph!  Standardized testing can indeed help one find some direction regarding a career choice.  However, a quicker and less expensive method that is also objective and accurate is via a handwriting analysis.  One’s personality is matched with choices that suit his/her personality profile and comfort level.   A good portion of graphological cases that come to me are for personnel selection.  Once we have a sense of what it is we are likely to succeed at, it makes it easier to then pick and choose a course of study or a job lead that fits.


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