Bernie D. Kastner, Ph.D.

Individual and Family Counseling

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The central and most rewarding feature for me as a graphologist is being in a position to guide another person who is faced with a critical decision.  For example, it happens that many students begin their post-high school education having had little or no direction as to what career path or educational venue best suits their abilities; people selected for work might not be the most suitable candidates; marriages end up in divorce in alarming percentages because of latent spousal abuse; business associates wage battles in court because one accuses the other of being dishonest; children can’t always get the proper attention or treatment at school because a subtle character flaw, weakness, or strength in ability goes undetected or is misinterpreted.


What is it about our handwriting that reveals our true personality?graphology

Graphology is the study of the psychological structure of the human being through his or her handwriting – simply put, the science of handwriting analysis.  Graphology is based on the assumption that handwriting is a spontaneous expression of feelings, thoughts, and mental and emotional attitudes.  Because it is spontaneous and not totally subject to conscious control, graphologists believe that handwriting presents an objective picture of the writer’s personality.  Dating back to 1886, there have been numerous experiments that have conclusively shown that each stroke of a handwriting sample is dictated by the brain and not by the muscular formation of the hand.  Therefore, handwriting is essentially brainwriting – hence, you are what you write.


We all know that no two people are exactly the same.  The same holds true for handwriting.  Even if we had been taught the same alphabet at the same time and at the same school, though our letter formations would be similar at the outset, over time our handwriting takes on its own personal style.  Our individual experiences create a uniqueness that we could each call our own.  This is why, incidentally, forging another’s writing is extremely difficult to accomplish successfully.  But no matter what style of writing a person is taught at school, he or she will always modify it according to his or her own temperament.  It is this difference, this pulling away from the way we were taught to write in first grade that is measured and analyzed.


Today, more than ever, we should equip ourselves with as much firepower and information as we possibly can.  Think of a graphological analysis as that personal support base that could give you the help, the input, or the guidance you may need before making those critical decisions about a marriage partner, a career change, a new hire, or in any other situation where seeing things from a different angle can make all the difference in the world.

To Commission a Report

900 NIS (plus VAT)

$350 U.S.

*These rates are for a standard report. Special Reports are subject to different rates: please inquire ahead of time.

Here is what I would need if you commission a handwriting analysis:

  1. Recent samples of your handwriting in pen only.  Ideally it should have already been written - preferably within the past few weeks.  Three full pages including a signature would be best - if you don't have that much, then at least one page. The samples must be originals - no photocopies, faxes or scanned documents will be accepted.
  2. Include in a cover note: your age, gender, handedness, place of birth, and highest level of education achieved.
  3. State the purpose of the analysis - general personality profile, career guidance, other specific reason. If you suffered any kind of trauma within the last three months (i.e. death in the family, loss of job), please let me know.
  4. Indicate where you would like the written report to be sent - a home/business address or e-mail.
  5. Fee is due with submittal of handwriting samples.
  6. Reports are sent out within a week of the receipt of the materials.
  7. Send all originals to me at:
    Karnibad 3
    Jerusalem 9724803