Bernie D. Kastner, Ph.D.

Individual and Family Counseling

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Venue Options



Make an appointment by calling

From the U.S.:1-718-710-4776

From Israel: 02-587-0021

or via e-mail


Via phone or Skype for your convenience.  Please contact me if this option is one you prefer.  This option is designed for those who live far away from my office, feel more comfortable without face to face contact, are limited in their mobility, have logistic and or time issues getting to my office.

For individuals/couples per session

400 NIS (plus VAT)


Helping you take
charge of your life

Israel:    02-587-0021

U.S.:  1-718-710-4776

e-mail  or Skype

Why Did God Put Us Here?

It is easy to go through the motions of our days, weeks, months and years and not ask ourselves "What is it that God wants from me"?

Things You Hate To Do

A former professor of mine told me that if you have something unpleasant to do, don't put it ...